Who we are

Olanyi Parsons provides counsel, advice and representation in all areas of human rights law and employment and labour law including:
• Wrongful dismissal litigation
• Disability management and accommodation issues
• Human rights and harassment applications / complaints
• Employee discipline and performance improvement
• Drafting, review and updating employee policy handbooks
• Workplace Safety and Insurance Board matters and appeals to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
• Employment standards issues and complaints
• Negotiating and drafting employment contracts including executive and independent contractor agreements, separation and settlement agreements
• Workplace harassment and workplace violence

Olanyi Parsons is the principal of OP Law / Olanyi Parsons Law, which is a litigation law boutique that focuses on human rights law, labour law, employment law, and administrative law. Olanyi is an investigator and advocate who deals with workplace issues including harassment, discrimination and workplace violence. He also provides due diligence advice to companies and government institutions dealing with human rights or employment-related matters.

Olanyi’s practice focuses on the full range of workplace issues, including wrongful dismissal and termination, human rights, employment standards, workers’ compensation, labour law, sexual harassment and disability, employment contracts and various related areas of litigation.

Olanyi is often retained as a neutral third party to conduct workplace investigations into allegations of harassment and other employee misconduct

Olanyi has appeared before various administrative tribunals, including the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, as well as employment standards hearings and labour arbitrations. Olanyi has also appeared in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and drafted submissions for the Ontario Court of Appeal with respect to employment litigation.

Olanyi has worked in the field of human rights, labour and employment since the year 2003 when he worked at the Ontario Human Rights Commission as an Investigator. Olanyi graduated from the University of Windsor Law School in the year 2009. He was the recipient of the McTague Law Firm Award for Excellence in Employment and Labour Law. Olanyi then worked in a full service law firm in downtown Toronto where he practised human rights, labour law and employment law, as well as civil litigation.